Sandra Mowat

Sandra Mowat

Registered Massage Therapist

BSc (Kinesology) from Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS 1990
Massage Diploma with Honours from CCMH , Sutton, Ontario 1993

Sandra grew up in the Maritmes before heading West after Massage College.

She has been practicing as an RMT for 28 years, mostly in multi-disciplinary clinical settings.

She also taught for over 15 years as an instructor at OVCMT in Vernon and more recently at Vancouver Career College before its closure in Kelowna.

Sandra believes that it is important to be open to learning no matter how long one has been a part of their profession.

Each individual is unique and so are their reasons for seeking out massage therapy treatment.

Information regarding the benefits of massage therapy has evolved over the years as well as our understanding of pain science.

Whether it be a recent injury, using massage as a stress management tool or persistent pain, Sandra strives to provide a positive experience on each individual’s journey of wellness.

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