Nourishing Your Kidneys with Diet

The kidney is the most important part of our body, It may cause many problems with a weak kidney. In Chinese medicine, the kidney is generating Qi Blood for our body.

General nutritional info:

  • Eat a warm breakfast, cooked veggies are easier to digest than cold and raw ones
  • Do not eat too much dairy, frozen foods, ice cold beverages or tropical fruits
  • Eat as regularly as possible, don’t skip meals, and have snacks!
  • To help prevent grey hair: blackstrap molasses, nettle, wheat grass, hijaki seaweed
  • Too much sweet (including meat and dairy) or salty foods worsen hair loss

For Arthritis:

Avoid the following Calcium Inhibitors:

  • excess meat and protein
  • alcohol, tobacco, coffee
  • refined sugar and excess salt
  • oxalic acid foods like rhubarb, cranberries, plums, swiss chard, spinach, beet greens
  • Nightshade family of veggies – tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, potatoes


these are general dietary recommendations and may not work for all people.

Often people have numerous and conflicting ailments, so the best method is to experiment on which works best for you.

As we age our Kidney Qi declines so including a variety of all the above foods will be very nourishing to your body.

By Tricia Miller

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Nourishing Your Kidneys with Diet
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