Registered Massage Therapy West Kelowna of BC

Registered Massage Therapy is a reserved title in BC province under the college of Registered Massage Therapists of British Columbia

Reserved Title of RMT (Registered Massage Therapy)

The following are reserved titles protected by law in British Columbia:

What is RMT? 

“Registered Massage Therapist”

Only CMTBC registrants can legally use these titles or the abbreviations “RMT”, “MT”, “RMP”, and “MP” in British Columbia.

In addition, anyone who is not a CMTBC registrant is prohibited not only from using the titles themselves but also from using them even as part of a different or longer title to describe themselves or their work.

Abbreviation of CMTBC

College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia

Qualification of Health Professionals (Registered Massage Therapists)

CMTBC registrants

CMTBC registrants are health professionals who have met rigorous registration requirements, including post-secondary education in sciences and in clinical applications of massage therapy. 

They have also passed a multi-component registration (entry to practice) examination administered by the College.

Regulated Health Professionals 

CMTBC registrants are regulated under the Health Professions Act, the Massage Therapists Regulation, and the College’s Bylaws. They are required to abide by standards of practice and standards of professional ethics, and to meet the College’s continuing competence requirements. 

These and other requirements are designed to ensure that BC RMTs provide safe, ethical and effective health care to the public.


The terms “massage specialist”, “bodyworker”, “spa therapist”, and “Raynor therapist” are not reserved by law in BC. Any individual with an interest in massage, no matter his/her level of education, may use these terms.

These unregulated individuals do not necessarily carry liability insurance and there is no recourse to the College should they practice unsafely, ineffectively, or unethically.

Direct Billing of Registered Massage Therapy

Direct billing occurs when doctors or medical providers/practitioners send their bills straight to the health insurance company for payment, rather than having the patient receive the bill and file the claim.

Our Registered Massage Therapy West Kelowna Location

Central Okanagan Massage is a Medical Massage Clinic providing professional massage therapy services to clients in West Kelowna, Okanagan area, and Kelowna as well.

We located at 106-3535 Old Okanagan Hwy, West Kelowna V4T 3L7, with lots of parking spots.

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Central Okanagan Massage
Central Okanagan Massage

106-3535 Old Okanagan Hwy, West Kelowna V4T 3L7
(250) 768-7099

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Registered Massage Therapy West Kelowna of BC
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