How to Book a Massage Online?

It's easy to use our online booking system. This tutorial will show you how to use the system to book a massage therapy or Acupuncture treatment with Central Okanagan Massage.

We are using Jane.App (Professional SaaS system) for our online booking, and document management, it’s a great system and it’s easy to use.

Search us on Google

Search “Okanagan Massage” Or “Okanagan Massage West Kelowna”
On Google or Bing

Google Search

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Click to see Central Okanagan Massage Website

Search “Okanagan Massage” find us on Google

Central Okanagan Massage Website

Click “Book Online 24/7” To book
a Massage Therapy appointment
or Acupuncture Treatment

Central Okanagan Massage Website

How to book a Massage Therapy?

Pick your favorite Therapist to Book a Massage Therapy
Or Acupuncture Treatment

Central Okanagan massage Booking System

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Central Okanagan Massage
Central Okanagan Massage

106-3535 Old Okanagan Hwy, West Kelowna V4T 3L7
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How to Book a Massage Online?
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